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Autumn Books

Eleanor's Book Club - Autumn


"Of course, if Ed had looked up he would have noticed the beautiful things, the things that always made his heart sing."

Sweep by Louise Greig and Julia Sarda

This month's list is all about our seasons changing from summer to fall and what animals and nature do when they change.

Outdoor book list

Read all of Eleanor's book picks about back to school!

1. Penguin and Pumpkin-Salina Yoon

2. Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn-Kenard Pak

3. Fletcher and the Falling Leaves-Julia Rawlinson

4. Stumpkin-Lucy Ruth Collins

5. The Leaf Thief-Alice Hemming

6. Hungry Bunny-Claudia Rueda

7. Sweep-Louise Greig and Julia Sarda

8. Leaves-David Ezra Stein

9. Because of an Acorn-Lola M Schaefer and Adam Schaefer

10. Fall Mixed Up-Bob Raczka

"Look around you. The Leaf Thief is everywhere. It shakes the trees…and rustles the leaves… It even takes your hat! Do you see the Leaf Thief, Squirrel?"

The Leaf Thief by Alice Hemming


We've got the coziest items to take your summer wardrobe straight into autumn.

"The rich green of the forest was turning to a dusty gold, and the soft, swishing sound of summer was fading to a crinkly whisper. Fletcher's favorite tree looked dull, dry, and brown. Fletcher was beginning to get worried."

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves-Julia Rawlinson

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Hello! My name is Candice, and I'm a lover of all books. Spending hours in a bookstore or library brings me great joy. In my former life, I worked for about five years as part of the Nashville Public Library's children department. Story time was my absolute favorite activity. These days, I'm a stay-at-home mom to Eleanor. Children's literacy is at the top of my list of interests, and I'm so excited for the chance to share some books and love with you! 

Candice Jackson

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